Hey, I’m Wayne!

Okay so located in Melbourne is some of the coolest things possible and I’m here to explore and share all that melbourne has to offer. I am not just one single person exploring these things I am everyone. I’m your cat, your neighbours garden gnome that disapears, I’m the drop in that fucking sick dubstep song, I am everything and everyone you have ever met or will meet and I want to share with you a place that means the world to me.

I explore all sorts of things like:



Night Life



I also would love to keep you up to date with all the coolest things going on in Melbourne. This magazine is made by the youth of Melbourne, for the youth of Melbourne… I don want some 50 year old man who wears Ed Hardy picking this up and saying stuff like “yeah man thats gnarly” NO! This is something the younger generations of Melboure need to have without the old folk ruinng our fun!

So wheter your a fist puping Guiedo or a peace making hippie this magazine is suited for all types of people… because its no just one person running it…